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 Fanfara Sinca Noua - Festivalul Cetatii Fagaras - 2013

The Sinca Noua  Children’s Band is truly a revelation and our greatest accomplishment at the moment.Considering that the Sinca Noua community didn’t have a tradition in brass bands, makes it an even bigger success.

The Sinca Noua Brass Band was founded in 2012 on the initiative of the local authorities and the Mayor Dumitru Flucus and is composed of 22 musicians headed  by Ciprian Mogut from the Philarmonic Orchestra Brasov and Florin Grigorescu from the Miltary Brass Band Brasov.

The foundation of the Sinca Noua Brass Band was made possible due to an European funds project that facilitated the purchase of new instruments.


With passion and dedication on the part of the children and guidance from the mayor and the teachers The Sinca Noua Brass Band stands out by novelty,uniqueness and originality of both presentation and interpretation.

The members of The Sinca Noua Brass Band are spontaneous and sociable people. They interact with their audience by implying it in a pleasant and positive way. For The Sinca Brass Band along with the performance the public becomes part of the show.

Their place of birth Sinca Noua is a truly “Romanian Spark” like there are few left worldwide. Sinca Noua  breathes Romanian Tradition that happens in the present tense. The Sinca Noua Brass Band carries this imprint and the “scent”of the interpretation along with their natural buoyancy transposes the audience to the authentic décor of the Romanian Village in Transylvania.

Each participation of The Sinca Noua Brass Band leads to successful performances. Audience and organizers are equally satisfied and pleased. The results obtained fulfill, improve and recommend The Sinca Noua Brass Band to participate in national and international cultural events.

The Sinca Noua Brass Band can be contacted at the footer of this page or by using the contact form. We recommend of course to save our visiting card by scanning the QR code next to Contact.

We recommend to trace the NEWS AND CULTURAL EVENTS  section and as a preamble of an extraordinary performance to enjoy the authentic beauty of the songs and the traditional Transylvanian costumes worn by the members of The Sinca Noua Brass Band using The Brass Band - PHOTO ALBUM and THE BEST OF sections all gathered in the video library of this website.

The Sinca Noua Brass Band had their debut in December 2012 at the local festival in Sinca Noua: ”Festivalul Cetelor de Feciori din Tara Fagarasului ”Sus in slava cerului”.



  • 2012 - ROMANIA, Sinca Noua | The "Cetelor de feciori din Tara Fagarasului - Sus in slava cerului” Festival
  • 2012 - ROMANIA, Sinca Noua  | Traditional community events
  • 2013 - ROMANIA, Rupea | The 90th Anniversary of the Brass Band
  • 2013 - ROMANIA, Fagaras | The Fagaras Castle Festival
  • 2013 - ROMANIA, Brasov | Cultural events
  • 2013 - ROMANIA, Gura Raului | The Romanian National Costumes Festival
  • 2014 - ROMANIA, Brasov, Sinca Noua |Cultural events.The 250th anniversary of the foundation of Sinca Noua and the 120th anniversary of the ST.Nicolae Church
  • 2014 - ROMANIA, Arpasul de Jos, Sibiu | “Culture Days of Sibiu County”
  • 2014 - ROMANIA, Feisa, Alba | Cultural local events
  • 2014 - ROMANIA, Fagaras | Fagaras Castle Festival
  • 2014 - ROMANIA, Brasov | Oktoberfest,
  • 2014 - AUSTRIA,  Lanzenkirchen;
  • 2014 - ROMANIA, Sinca Noua | The "Cetelor de feciori din Tara Fagarasului - Sus in slava cerului” Festival

Album de debut

Treny Polka
Ciobanas cu trei sute de oi
Hora soferului
Hora Sinaii
Noi suntem cei chemati
Cand frumoasa Romanie
Mars I
Mein Heitmatland
Polka Malagamba
Vals Randunica
Banu Maracine

Dumitru Flucus - Director Ansamblu Folcloric Sinca Noua
Dumitru Flucus
Art Director
Ciprian Mogut
Florin Grigorescu