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2013 - Belgia, Hello! Schoten - CIOFF Festival

As response to an invitation,The Sinca Noua Folk Ensemble participated between 9th and 20th of June 2013 at the CIOFF Hello Schoten Festival, in the city of Schoten nearby Anvers –Belgium,seat of the European Parliament.This festival takes place annually and for the first time after 1990 a Romanian Folk Ensemble had the chance to perform on this stage.

The Sinca Noua Folk ensemble has 38 young talented members along with the Art Director who is also the Mayor of the village Sinca Noua: Dumitru Flucus. 

The CIOFF Hello!Schoten has gathered Folk Ensembles from four continents.Brass bands from Japan,Argentina,Ecuador,Russia,Benin,Belgium and Romania.Romania was represented by The Sinca Noua Folk Ensemble and won the  gold medal.

During the ten days of the festival The Sinca Noua Folk Ensemble gave 7 performances in front of an audience of at least 2000 people at a time.

The Sinca Noua Noua Folk Ensemble performed numerous Romanian Folk Dances from Transylvania:

  • Dances from the County of Fagaras
  • Dances from the Harbaciu Valley
  • Dances from Transylvania
  • Dances from  Tara Codrului (Maramures)

Every folk dance was accompanied by musicians from the area of origin and dancers wore the national costumes of those areas. All performances were live without playback.

Stage performance  as well as interaction with the audience have been rated.

At the end of the Hello!Schoten CIOFF Festival The Sinca Noua Folk Ensemble surprised the hosts with a Flamish song-a very much appreciated gesture.